When I turned 21, I bought airplane tickets to everywhere on this planet I wanted to visit. While visiting Expo 70, the World's Fair in Osaka Japan, I discovered the true meaning of the statement, "a picture is worth a thousand words." I gave up writing and began drawing and painting. This web site shows samples of my work completed over the past 30 years.

I normally work in a series of ten. Each series has a particular theme. Works in a series might include sculptures, drawings, and watercolors. Materials range from bronze, wood, and plastic to objects I find in my travels. With my formal art training and traveling experiences pushing my creativity, completing a series might take years to complete when working in my studio. On the other hand, one night I completed a series of ten paintings around a roaring campfire on Usual beach in Northern California's Coast Range is also very satisfying.

"News from the Cosmos" came about in the late 70's as a result of running out of canvases in Bogota, Columbia , and my presence at Cape Kennedy when man went to the moon. I often heard art teachers, critics, and historians say, "Every things been done; it's just put together in new ways." I accepted this as a personal challenge! I eventually moved into a ship's cargo container in a redwood forest near Fort Bragg on the Northern California coast. The container had no electricity, so I relied on an Alluding lamp for light when the fog rolled in. As the light dimmed, I noticed every time I walked by my easel it was a new painting and a new set of challenges with forms changing and color disappearing! I then started turning the canvas on all its sides and painting landscapes, portraits, virtually everything, from four different directions. I employed outer space science---discovery of black holes, planets, and the cosmos quadrants---to hold the composition together. In the morning I would put the paintings in the sun and observe what occurred as they cycled though the shade of the redwood tree branches. I discovered I had a whole new set of challenges from every direction!

I think of painting as a cross between the old West's "gun fight at the O.K. Corral" and a chess game. The painting is not done until I checkmate the canvas! The Space Age Landscapes series was conceived when I became tired and frustrated at seeing the "same old, same OLD" all over this planet, just "rearranged." One look at the news on TV or a quick glance at a newspaper convinced me that the "Baby Boomer" landscape was no longer valleys, hills, rivers, and city-scapes. We have moved from the MODERN era into the SPACE AGE. I started documenting my generation by picking certain time-changing events after which the world was never the same. Currently I am finishing Space Age Landscapes and also starting working on a series showing the stages a wild rhododendron goes through while blooming.
My paintings and sculptures result from moments in time when I felt a strong need to express my thoughts. They are varied, ranging from seascapes, flowers, mushrooms, and portraits, to conceptual pieces. I even did one piece, Earth Works, using my bulldozer. My sketchbooks contains 30 years of drawings created during my travels, ranging from the Lido in Paris to a Motel 6. I recently moved into an old motor home and use the back bedroom as my studio. I also rent an airplane hanger to contain my materials and completed work. This is currently my home base.

I work in acrylics and oils for paintings, sometimes using an airbrush, but mostly use traditional painting methods finishing up with my sable brushes. I build my canvases and prepare them in a traditional manner. I use most of the media in some form or another including video.